Have you been in a busy place, maybe sitting in a cafe or bar, and you see someone walk across the room with their butt swaying side to side? Suddenly you think you might be a pirate because you can’t take your eyes off the booty! That’s right everybody, today we will have some funny pirate jokes, pirate puns, pirate memes, and of course those great pirate insults. I mean, everyone has a friend that looks like captain hook, right? We have set sail across the seven seas of the internet, pillaging and plundering for the greatest pirate jokes. Arrrrrrr(gh) you ready? Well, I hope so because we are ready to raise the anchor and fly the jolly roger; here are the best pirate jokes for adults.

Pirate Birthday Meme for Adults

Technology is an amazing advancement. The internet has been a massive piece of technology integrated into our lives at every turn. I can say now, the internet has finally reached its full potential…by giving us these hilarious pirate birthday memes! Who would have thought a photo of a guy steering a hunk of wood from three hundred years ago with text superimposed above his head is the culmination of what we use technology to create. We aren’t just talking pirate memes here, we have pirate birthday memes! Overwhelming, I know, but with that said, grab a pint of old fashion ale, and blow out the candles because here are the best pirate birthday memes.

Source: pinterest.ru

– Here we have a photo of a smug Jack Sparrow or Johnny Depp, he is grinning as he alludes to being drunk by using the ingredients originally intended for your birthday cake.

Source: pinterest.ru

– This a picture of a group of ragtag pirates; as you wonder what happened, the meme gives you specific directions on how to properly enjoy your birthday like a savage.

Source: imgflip.com

– The picture is a classic frame from the movie Anchorman, the main character Ron Burgundy is front and center on the set of the evening news. The text takes one of his classic phrases and turns it into a happy birthday.

Source: quickmeme.com

– Here is another frame from the movie Anchorman, with Ron Burgundy staring into the camera. The text is making fun of the sexuality of pirates with a happy birthday added in.

Source: esmemes.com

–  here is a cartoon photo of a pirate. The test is a pirate pun perfect for anyone turning 80 years of age. Give it a click to see why!

Dirty Pirate Jokes

Let us play a little word association, what do you think of when I say dirty? Maybe dirt or a pig…or even a pile of mud. I have something dirtier than all three, jokes! The subject matter may be filthy but these jokes are made even dirtier by our soiled odiferous sailing clan, yes I’m talking about pirates. Sure they stink, but they also continually disregarded the terms of the geneva convention every time they made contact with other humans. Crimes against humanity certainly do not seem funny, but fifty guys stuck on a boat without women can sure lead so some funny homoerotic mishaps. A pirate ship was a prison for these sexually frustrated sea dwelling mammals. Enough of my bad jokes, below we have the best dirty pirate jokes for adults, sure to make you laugh at a pirates expense.

Funny Pirate Jokes

Good jokes should always be funny jokes, and you know what is even better than a funny joke? A funny pirate joke! By now, you can see the wealth of funny material that pirates have produced in the modern world of comedy. In this section, we will turn our sails in the other direction, and use wind vectors to sail against the waves. Taking our attention away from dirty jokes and focusing on some good funny humor. So do not walk the plank yet, we are swabbing the decks with some super funny pirate jokes.

Pirate Booty Meme

Have you ever wondered if pirates would still call treasure, booty if they knew it would mean butt in three hundred years’ time? Yeah me either, but I sure am glad they did use the term booty. It makes for some great memes. We all love looking at pictures of “treasure” with some hilarious headlines. So “weather” you want to liven up your timeline or delight your followers. Take a peek at some of these hilarious pirate booty memes.

Source: imgur.com

– this meme has a funny picture of a dog dressed in a pirate outfit, and the dog is making a funny face. The text is a pun with the word booty, and the dog’s face is reflecting on how booty makes him feel.

Source: quickmeme.com

– the photo is a  funny faced jack sparrow mid-speech. The text uses a pirate/booty pun to make a joke with sexual innuendo.

Source: ballmemes.com

– this is a photo from the cartoon show archer, where the main character is centered in the frame. The text is making another joke with sexual innuendo with the use of puns.

Source: imgflip.com

–  here we have the most interesting man in the world from the Dos Equis commercial, but instead of his normal posh attire, he has a crudely photoshopped pirate outfit on. The text is a few pirate puns alluding to how a pirate would judge a female partner.

Source: quickmeme.com

–  the picture here is a classic meme of the whispering sloth. The sloth is making another booty pun with some sexual overtones.

Knock Knock Joke

Last but not least, we have some great knock knock jokes, for the pirates in all of us. Simple and classic a knock knock joke can make people of all ages chuckle with glee. Sure they may seem a bit corny due to the call and answer format, but there is no changing a classic. There are no bad jokes here, just the best knock knock jokes on the seven seas.

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Interrupting pirate!




Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Cash who?

I knew you were a nut!


Knock knock.

Who’s there?

A little old lady.

A little old lady who?

All this time, I had no idea you could yodel.


Knock knock

Who’s there?


Mustache who?

Mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later


Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Atch who?

Bless you!


It’s easy to see how much great fun can be had with pirate jokes and memes. They can be dirty or clean, but regardless they will delight any crowd. So get some likes on your next post, or get the people on your timeline excited, by sharing one of these hilarious pirate jokes or memes.

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