It’s often the simplest activities that end up being the most fun. We’ve been enjoying some gorgeous Spring sunshine this week so we decided to spend a morning at the beach. We spent some time collecting shells, driftwood and a few precious pieces of sea glass. We also had fun building volcanoes in the sand and even managed to incorporate some educational play into the activity. We began by piling the sand into a mountain and forming a crater at the top to create our volcano.

We then began pouring water into the crater so that our volcano erupted and lava begin pouring down the sides.

We watched as each new bucket of water created interesting rolls and mounds of “lava”. To achieve these types of formations the trick is to pour just a small amount of water at a time.

R (4) loved the idea that he had made his very own volcano. We even managed to add a science lesson to our play by talking about why the water stops part way down the volcano and forms these shapes and undulations in the wet sand. We talked about absorption and the reasons why the water didn’t simply pour all the way down the side of the volcano. There are so many opportunities for learning through play at the beach.

After we’d emptied our bucket of water, R was keen to shovel fresh dry sand over the volcano and start again.

He didn’t show any restraint with the “lava” this time ~ this was one very active volcano!

What are your favourite beach activities?

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