Halloween Shadow Puppets and Free Printable Template

Download our free template to make these fun Halloween shadow puppets. They take just minutes to make and will encourage imaginative play and story telling.

Halloween shadow puppets printable

There is something so magical about shadow puppets, isn’t there? I was always mesmerised by them as a child, the way the silhouettes danced across a wall or behind a screen. R loves to play with torches, light and shadow, so I knew he would have fun with some Halloween shadow puppets.

Halloween shadow puppet play

My drawing skills leave a lot to be desired but R didn’t seem to mind – with the exception of the bubbling cauldron. What’s that? You don’t see a cauldron in our collection? It’s that small round thing that looks like it is having a bad hair day.

Halloween shadow puppets free download

We have been having so much fun with our puppets. They are a wonderful tool for language development and for encouraging imagination. We have been making up lots of silly stories to go along with them and they have generated plenty of pre-bedtime giggles. They have also been a wonderful teaching tool as R experiments with shadow and light. He really loves moving his torch close to the wall and then further away again, noticing how this affects the size of the shadows.

Would you like to make your own Halloween shadow puppets? I’ve created a free printable template so you can do just that!

printable Halloween shadow puppets

How to make your own Halloween Shadow Puppets

You will need:
1. Halloween Shadow Puppets template. (Click the highlighted text to download or click on the photo above)
2. Black paper
3. Bamboo skewers, popsicle sticks, straws or a similar item to use as the handles fo
4. Adhesive tape
5. Glue
6. Scissors

How to make shadow puppets

To make:
1. Download and print the template. The templates are simply an outline printed on white paper, rather than an entirely black image. I designed it this way to save you using up a whole lot of printer ink. This means you’ll need to glue the templates to black paper.

2. Cut out each puppet’s template (just roughly, no need to be perfectly accurate at this stage) and glue them on to the black paper.

3. Cut each puppet again, exactly on the template outline this time.

4. Attach a handle using adhesive tape. We used bamboo skewers for our handles.

5. Start playing!


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Bonbon Break

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54 thoughts on “Halloween Shadow Puppets and Free Printable Template”

  1. thank you for the template, will definitely be trying these soon! my toddler has just started to notice shadows and is mesmorised by them so these are perfect. i was trying (unsucessfully) to do shadow hand puppets with her but failing dismally, this will be a lot easier!

    1. Thanks Lisa! It makes me so happy to hear that someone else will be enjoying them. Shadow hand puppets are so difficult aren’t they? I can never make them look like anything!

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  14. Perfect! I love shadow puppets and I can’t wait to play with my kids! A simple game but soooo good! As for your drawing skills, I think they’re just great, definitely better than mine, though I didn’t realize it was a bubbling cauldron at first, I thought it was a funny witch with pony tails! Thanks a lot.

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