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We’ve been having fun playing all sorts of letter, number, and color matching games this week. I printed out the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 1 through 10 and a few different colored squares and we played some treasure hunt and matching games. They’ve kept R happily occupied for days so I thought I’d create a downloadable version of our game to share with you. Simply click on the photo below and you’ll be taken to a pdf file which you can then download. Below I’ve listed the different games we’ve been playing. Have fun! I’d love to hear about what games you come up with in the comments below. Let’s share some fun ideas.

If for some reason the photo does not link to the downloadable pdf, then simple click here for the free printable alphabet, numbers and colors game.

I began by cutting the letters, numbers and colors into individual squares. I then divided the squares into three separate bowls – one bowl contained the letters, a second contained the numbers and a third contained the colors.

We began with a simple alphabet hunt. R pulled one letter out of the bowl and would have to find an item that began with that letter. I think my favorite is the astronaut lego man that he found for “A”.

Next we tried a combined letters and numbers game by selecting one number square and one letter square. So in the photo above, R needed to find two items that began with an E, one item that began with a Z, and three items that began with a B.

We tried different combinations of printed squares for our treasure hunts. This time we looked for a pink item that began with a B and blue item that began with a T. This was probably the most challenging of all the variations that we played. It was easy to find an item that began with the correct letter, but not so easy to find one in the correct color!

For this game, we searched for two blue items.

Here we selected a printed square from each of the three bowls. In this example, we had to find one item that was blue and began with a T.

These games have been lots of fun since we can mix and match what needs to be found. I’d love to hear about the games that you create with them.

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32 thoughts on “Alphabet, numbers and colors game – with free printable”

  1. Very, very clever Ness!! I love the concept of combining the numbers and letters to in the game! Lovely of you to provide a printable too…off to pin now!

    1. Hi Jenny. Thank for your comment and kind words. My son is 4. He has actually known his colors, letters and numbers for a long time now so for his skill level this was about the combination of parameters – ie 2 objects that begin with T and are also blue. For younger children, who still learning the sounds of letters or learning one to one correspondence, then it can be kept simple such as only having to find 2 objects, no matter what their color or what letter they begin with. I hope your playgroup has fun with it.

    1. Thank you Tricia! The fact that it can be mixed and matched makes it suitable for different ages and keeps the interest of older kids too. I hope Sammie enjoys it.

    1. Thank you so much Tricia! Your comment just made my day. I hope your daughter has fun with this activity and thank you for the incredibly kind words about my header. Ironically I am about to have a blog redesign done with a new header. You’ve made me rethink that now!

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