Outer Space Birthday Party

Last weekend we celebrated R’s 4th birthday with a space themed party. (Oh my goodness, that is difficult to type ~ 4! Already!) I’ll be posting a few tutorials next week for a couple of things that we did, but for the most part, everything was very simple and straight forward to put together. I really do love hosting parties, especially children’s parties, and this theme was such a fun one to create. Seriously, stars and glitter. What’s not to love?


For decorations I hung up some paper lanterns to look like planets. I found these at our local $2 shop. I saw the Earth lantern and just knew I needed to buy a few and make planets. I had planned to paint them to add to the effect but a little thing called time got in the way and so I simply hung them just as they were. I’m glad I didn’t paint them in the end because I can use them for something else now. For the rings around the planets, I simply scrunched up some tin foil. I used double sided tape to hold the foil in place on two sides of the lantern, and then stretched the foil away from the lantern on the sides that were not taped. We also hung black, silver and blue balloons, black crepe paper streamers, and tiny little mirror balls to look like starry planets.


I covered our outdoor table with a black plastic table cloth and sprinkled it with confetti stars in blue and silver. The stars at the front of the table were silver glittered cardboard stars. Around the edge of the table I wrapped some dark blue ribbon with a silver star pattern. There were also “moon rocks” scattered over the table. More on those later! The food consisted of popcorn cups (on the tiered cupcake stand), alien cupcakes, fairy bread cut into star shapes, rainbow jelly, chocolate spoons, and various savory food such as vegetables with dip, mini quiches and sausage rolls.

Below you can see a pic of our “moon rocks”. A big thank you to my ever tolerant hubby for not laughing in my face when I asked him to spray paint two bags of pebbles silver! I think he was more amused at the thought of me actually paying for two bags of rocks! Where else was I going to get enough rocks from? (You’ll see why I needed so many of them in a moment). I managed to find huge bags of them for just $2 each, again at our local $2 shop. Also below is a pic of the cutlery which I placed into chocolate dipped plastic cups. This is so easy to do and they are another tradition on our birthday dessert tables. I’ll be sharing a tutorial for these next week.

The chocolate spoons that you can see in the pic above are another one of our birthday traditions. I’ll post a tutorial next week. Yes, it is just basically melt some chocolate and pour it onto a spoon but I’ll share a couple of tips with you next week that will save you from making the same mistakes I did when I made them for the first time! Finally above, is the three layered jelly cups, another one of our birthday traditions. I placed the cups onto a piece of blue glittery cardboard to act as a placement. It looked so starry and gorgeous. Glitter just makes me happy.

Here are the alien cupcakes! They were so easy to make. The only difficult part was finding he right green sweet to use for the ears and antennae. These are the LGM’s (little green men) from Toy Story and I used the Disney Kids Party Cakes book as my inspiration. I changed the mouth slightly to look more like the aliens in the movie and took some shortcuts with the ears. The eyes are mentos and the pupils are done using black writing icing gel from the supermarket. The mouth is also the black writing icing. The book suggests a black circle for the mouth but it was just as easy to draw on the mouth shape you see above. As for the ears, the book suggests using a tiny leaf shaped cutter to make the ear shape. I don’t own a leaf shape cutter and I wasn’t about to buy one just for these, so I used kitchen scissors and cut the sweets freehand into ear shapes.


Are you familiar with the Donna Hay annual kids issue? It is all kinds of wonderful. When I saw this robot cake in the latest issue, I knew it was fate. The original one featured in the magazine had antennae on top but R didn’t want those so be gone with them! This was my first time working with fondant icing. Oh my goodness! My hat is off to professional cake decorators. I can see why they charge the cost of a small car for some cakes. There is so much work involved to get it right. Having said that though, I really did enjoy making it. My sister, a professional cake decorator, who was on the phone with me at least 32 times during the making of this cake, may argue that point. OK, well, once it was finished, I really enjoyed making it!


Upon arrival, each child was given a jet pack. I’ll post a quick tutorial next week for these but there’s lots on Pinterest if you’re looking in the meantime. Another enormous thank you to my hubby Mark for making eleven of them and thank you to our friends for donating their empty soda bottles. We needed a LOT of bottles and as I’d left this to the last minute I put a quick shout out on Facebook asking for help and within days we were swimming in plastic bottles! Thank you everyone. They were a HUGE hit and two families even took extra packs home for siblings who didn’t come to the party and I’ve been told of at least one littlie who is sleeping with her jet pack. So cute! We also had a rocket shaped pinata. I did not make this! I was very lucky to find it at, you guessed it, our local $2 shop! Bless that store!

We also played “Can you eat the flying saucer (ie donut) with your hands behind your back while the flying saucer is hanging from a string”? The answer from all involved? No. ha! Hands were eventually allowed and donuts were enjoyed. I think the biggest hit of the day was our moon rock treasure hunt. We (when I say we I mean Mark!) spray painted the rocks silver and I hid them all over the yard. What kid doesn’t love a treasure hunt?


I went for a very simple look with the favour bags. I bought plain paper bags in silver and white, and attached a glittery silver star on the front. I bought the stars from Spotlight – a pack of 12 for $3 and considering I only needed 11 they made for some very inexpensive decorations.

Inside each bag were a few glow in the dark stickers in the shapes of moons and stars, a space pencil, eraser, sharpener and ruler, and a high bounce ball. I chose the balls because they had a mottled paint effect on them that really made them look like planets. Perfect! I also added a single pack of mini mentos to each bag. I only included one sweet in the favour bags because I knew each child would have a whole bag of sweets from the pinata. I almost didn’t put any sweets at all in the favour bags but how could I do that? Every kid wants to see sweets in the favour bag!

So that’s it! Our space party. It was lovely to see, when looking through the photos, that not only the kids, but the adults too, had great big smiles on their faces. We all had so much fun that I can’t wait for the next one. I’m currently pinning ideas for Christmas in July (well, ok, Christmas in August!), Halloween and Christmas (actual Christmas in December!). 🙂

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38 thoughts on “Outer Space Birthday Party”

  1. Ness!!! This is AMAZING!!!!!! I was so looking forward to hearing about the space party, and well….so cool. I am totally taking pointers from you…and that cake!!! Way to go! Looks like you all had such a blast and and that it will be remembered for a long time..or at least until next years;-)

  2. this is INCREDIBLE Ness! you rock. No, you space rock! hee hee

    YOU ARE SO AWESOME. seriously I’m just going to keep repeating that b/c I’m so blown away. My husband, who likes to think he is funny 🙂 — says he would have put diet Coke and Mentos candy in those jet packs so that they would make exploding geysers. Ignore him please.

    LOVE the space rocks scavenger hunt! I’m going to put this whole post on my Friday Cool Stuff list!! you = one super party mama!

  3. Oh my goodness….what a treasure you are! You must have been so busy getting all this ready but it was so worth it looking at your photos….i want to do this theme right now lol! Such great ideas and your cake looks absolutely professional may i say! So much i could say but i would be here all night….so i shall just say well done Mummy…and thanks for sharing the special day with us!

  4. What an amazing birthday party! I bet the kids had a ball, love all your little details. Your martian cup cakes are very cute. And I love glitter too 🙂

  5. Hi – I happened on your blog while googling outer space birthday party. Thank you for posting all of your fabulous ideas, which I have shamelessly copied. Just finished the jet packs, working on the cupcakes and the moon rocks are drying in the garage. Thank you very much for sharing, all your efforts have made this Canadian mother’s efforts much easier!

  6. Ah, Ness! This is awesome. 🙂 Jake is having a space party in a months time, and Im looking for inspiration – this is totally FAB!! The Jetpacks are beyond cool! I love your cake too, although Jake wants me to make him a sphere shaped cake – and make it into Saturn – of course, going to be fun!

  7. My son is going to be 5 in August and loves this theme. Where did you get the silver bags and the pencil, eraser ruler set?

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  13. Those are some great ideas, I especially like the soda bottle jetpacks. I had my son come home the other day needing to dress up as an astronaut for school, and so I created this epic space helmet for him out of foam. It took all night, but it turned out better than I would have thought. Here’s a link to the video giving step by step instructions how to make it.

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