{Ice-Skating in the Living Room}

One evening last week, R(3) watched a TV program, I’m not sure what it was exactly, where the main characters were skiing. He began sliding his feet around the living room pretending to ski and repeated over and over that he wanted to go to the snow. I immediately had an idea. I couldn’t make it snow in the living room. I could however, turn the carpet into an ice-rink! First, R would need a pair of ice skates.

I took a plastic shopping bag from the cupboard and used a pair of scissors to cut two large rectangles from the bag. I wrapped them around R’s feet, and used lots of adhesive tape to secure the plastic “ice-skates” in place.

I was working fast to keep the momentum of R’s imaginative play going so they were not fancy to look at. This was just about getting something happening quickly and making his feet sliiiiiide over the carpet like he was skating. He loved it!

I wish I had better pictures to share with you but he was moving around so fast! Not only was this a LOT of fun, but he was working on his balance and other gross motor skills as well.

R’s Daddy took him by the hands and pulled him in circles around the room. There were fits of giggles from everyone as R shouted “Faster! Faster!” Again, the pics aren’t the best – these were taken at night, with very fast-moving subjects, (and a photographer who was laughing the entire time!), but you get the idea.


Talk about quick, simple and FUN! Just about the easiest fun we’ve had in a while!

What’s your favorite way to make toys or games from recycled items?

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16 thoughts on “{Ice-Skating in the Living Room}”

    1. We have floorboards in our kitchen and ironically I’m always asking R not to run in the kichen when he has his socks on because it’s so slippery! Where’s the logic in that? lol

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